Cook-shares: Communal cooking, sharing the fruits of our labor
Participants will pay a fee appropriate to them, $5-25, to take home several family or single-size, freezer-friendly servings of healthy meals they had a hand in preparing. Collectively sharing planning, sourcing, preparing and cleaning, cuts food costs and time spent in the kitchen, maximizes nutritional content, and supports local communities and economies.

Our cook-share sessions will be as broad and creative as our communities, and will focus on a variety of health and dietary concerns, and incorporate meal planning, budgeting, nutrition and food system education into the hands-on process.

Families with children of all ages, individuals, youth, seniors and others will be welcome to cook and connect here in our kitchen, establishing many healthy food support systems. We will seek to connect with our Commons partners, as well as other grassroots organizations, to host cook-shares specific to the communities they work with.

We will support local farmers who use ethical and sustainable farming methods, begin planting our own gardens, and purchase our bulk items through The Pantry.