Values & Principles

People’s Kitchen Detroit is informed and inspired by the Earth Charter, People of Color Environmental Justice Principles and Principles of Working Together, International Declaration of Human Rights, Principles of Food Sovereignty, Youth Food Bill of Rights, Humane Education and the City of Detroit Policy on Food Security.

We are committed to actively participating in the creation of a just local food system. Through our skill shares, cook shares, healthy food pantry, cafe offerings, mobile food bus and gardens, as well as our involvement in the Detroit Food Justice Task Force and the Undoing Racism in the Detroit Food System gatherings, we strive to bring our principles into every facet of our work as a model for sustainable and ethical practices that can be replicated throughout the city and beyond.

Safe, healthy, culturally relevant, and affordable food options are a basic human right. We are dedicated to sourcing and serving the highest quality, locally-grown and produced food at affordable prices, where no one is turned away for lack of funds.

We affirm and honor the lived experience of all people. We strive to operate a non-hierarchical space – all participants are supported to share and learn from one another’s innate intuitive wisdom, life experiences, and ideas. Our programs are open to all who are interested through sliding-scale pricing and alternative means of payment including time-banking and volunteering.

We believe in cooperation, sharing, and empowerment for all.  People are empowered and can take charge of their health when they are supported with the knowledge and resources to do so. Our recipes, techniques, and resources are open-source; rather than carefully guarding them for profit, we believe in sharing widely with interested community members and organizations. We envision a network of community kitchens throughout Detroit providing this kind of access to food and education.