PKD’s new Recipe and Info-Share ‘Zine’


SummerInfoShareimageLook for PKD’s new Recipe and Info-Share at local gatherings this Spring and Summer!

What is FOOD Justice?
Food Justice is communities exercising their right to grow, sell, and eat healthy food. Healthy food is fresh, nutritious, affordable, culturally­appropriate, and grown locally with care for the well­being of the land, workers, and animals. People practicing food justice leads to a strong local food system, self­reliant communities, and a healthy environment.

What is Food Security?
The World Food Summit of 1996 defined food security as existing “when all people at all times have access to sufficient, safe, nutritious food to maintain a healthy and active life”. Commonly, the concept of food security is defined as including both physical and economic access to food that meets people’s dietary needs as well as their food preferences.

What is Food Sovereignty?
The right of people to determine their own food and agriculture policies; the democratization of food and agriculture.

“Food sovereignty is the right of peoples to healthy and culturally appropriate food produced through ecologically sound and sustainable methods, and their right to define their own food and agriculture systems. It puts the aspirations and needs of those who produce, distribute and consume food at the heart of food systems and policies rather than the demands of markets and corporations.”
– Declaration of Nyéléni, the first global forum on food sovereignty, Mali, 2007


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