Healing Garden News!

Jambo on this beautiful sunshiny September day! The garden is in a transitionary mode, last week I planted as many fall seeds as I could see possible to sprout and hopefully yield before those cold dayz come again. So there is albino beets (yes they apparently come with a sweet flavor and a white flesh that does not stain, heirloom multicolored carrot variety that I am keen to see, also Detroit Red beets, Nelson carrots, Caraway (which is cold tolerant and can protect other plants during the cold season according to package facts, Thai Basil, Cilantro, mustard greens, lettuce mix, spinach, All greens mix & belle radish. Right after I seeded all this we had a large amount of rain…so I am praying to see the edible herbs pop their heads still & the carrots but everything else is coming up sweet bar the lettuce mix & spinach may need to be resown. The cucumbers are coming along fast & quite furiously which is cool many flowers on the plants which the wild bees are having a wonderful time with in the backyard along with our beautiful tomato plants that are under seige so we shall perhaps forfeit those this year to the wonderful compost piles which are breaking down excellent! Had a great couple of classes in the garden too The Salsa Class I heard was fun times & an informative and I felt a quite liberating compost class & children’s vermiculture class (yes wormy worms)! Liberating y`all enquire? Yes! Because of the simple yet VIP reminder that COMPOST HAPPENS! I love this, yes that is the true fact for all those out there who are into making your own compost and get lost in the various technical issues & breakdown info…IT HAPPENS, and you can be resourceful about what you put into your piles like dryer lint!! Wow we all have that right? Plus it makes sooo much sense! On the compost note, we made the first compost sifter for the garden and it was easy and very cheap (about $20 with plenty of hardware cloth to make about 5 more)…Thank the Gods for YouTube! About to harvest carrots, beets, continuous variety of greens, parsley, zucchini, collected the dill seeds & cilantro soon. Radish has come & been consumed and replanted again…and today I shall be seeding some butternut squash & see how they go! Now back to the physical element of my job!! Peacelight


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